Recycle Maury County Tn

Recycling old TV’s, electronics, and computers, is one of the many recycling services Maury County is urging the public to use.
“We do take paints and electronics, everyday now,” said Mike Sweeney, Maury County Solid Waste Director.

With a tight economy, officials are constantly reminding the public that if you recycle, you can help our local governments cut costs.

Sweeney said the TV and electronics can be dropped off, free of charge, at their main center Monday thru Friday at the Industrial Park Road landfill facility.
“Electronics can be brought to the Solid Waste office Monday thru Friday 7 am to 3 pm every week,” said Sweeney. “There’s no monthly pickup. It can be brought anytime, no charge. So there is a place to get rid of electronics.”

Sweeney said its estimated that up to 75% of things thrown in the garabage can be reduced by recycling and if you compost up to 90%.
“Any recycled material that you give to Maury County we sell at a profit, said Sweeney. “It helps to pay for the operation of the Solid Waste Department.

Sweeney said you can recycle any electronics with a cord on it.
All the convenience centers in Maury County will take recyclables.
Again, electronic recyclables can be dropped off throughout the week, at the Solid Waste department off Industrial Park road.

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