Maury County Commission Payroll

Maury County commission Monday tabled a plan to implement a new county automated payroll system.
There had been concerns from commissioners and department heads over shortcomings in the new system that uses computers and time clocks, to clock in and out.
Commissioner Judy Vick said there had been too many unanswered questions
“We’ve got so many concerns and issues,” said Vick.
The new automated system was projected to save about $100,000 annually, while costing $97,000 a year to operate. Budget Director Jim Bracken was authorized to study the system and continue to run the new automated system parallel with the current one in place now.
Bracken said he would “never turn this on live, unless we felt we could pay employees correctly.”
Commissioner June Beckum said it will take $97,000 a year to implement the ADP system.
Beckum said they want to make sure the system is running properly before the county ADP system goes into effect. “All we’re saying is as commissioners we want to have oversight.”
“My problem is no other county in Tennessee runs this,” said Commissioner Ricky Sims. “ Columbia runs a modified version. I want to see a monthly update on this.”
“My concern is what the sheriff expressed on our services,” said Commissioner Davis Burkhalter. “If this plan goes in, how are we going to implement it in the sheriff’s department.”
More mee planned for updates. tings are

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