Metro Government Vote March 2012

Columbia and Maury County will vote in March 2012 on approval of a proposed Metropolitan form of government.
The Metro Charter commission Monday again presented its Draft of a Metropolitan Form of Government.
The Metro charter talks of a more efficient and effective government, tools for maximum economic growth and prosperity,that will attain the highest quality of life, and secure the brightest possible future for ourselves by uniting the governments of Maury County and the City of Columbia.
There are few Metro Government in the country and the discussion are ongoing in Maury County and Columbia.
One man had questions about its cost, cost savings in merging two governments, the powers of the Mayor of the metro government, consolidation of offices, and employees benefits, also were discussed.
“My main point, is how much is it going to cost the city and the county taxpayers,’ he said. “In these days, there are lean times, how can you justify the expenditure, “ he said.
The Metro idea got started in hopes that one government could operate more effectively and efficiently. “ Efficiency wise, it creates opportunity to save money in government, said Bobby Harris. “We don’t ever have that conversation now. We’ve got a lot of duplication of effort.”
Spring Hill has said they do not support Metro Government and won’t be a part of it. Unless the law is changed, Spring Hill would be limited to its current city limits. “I have some very serious concerns about how this would go,” Mayor Dinwiddie said. “If this were vote in, our urban growth boundaries would disappear,” he said.
There is the idea the law would change to let Spring Hill be able to annex into its 10 year urban growth areas around the city.
Bill Gentner is the Chairman of the Metro Charter Commissions who’s drafted the proposal. He said The Charter does cut the number of commission and council members to an 11 member board and Metro Mayor. The mayor would have strong authority. He and others would be elected and official say that makes them directly responsible to the voters. “We felt people wanted to hold their public officials accountable, said Gentner. “If they aren’t satisfied about the way he or she is handling it, they’ll vote no,” said Gentner.

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