New Maury County Sheriff Dept Criminal Investigation

Plans for a new sheriff’s department Criminal investigation division building were submitted to the Maury County Commissions building committee Wednesday.
The 5,000 square foot building is being studied after the sheriff’s department said they had outgrown their current facilities at the Maury County Sheriffs department.
“It will handle the criminal investigation division,” said architect George Nuber. “It’s also going to serve a purpose for training officers as well as a much needed garage area to facilitate their investigations,” said Nuber.
The projected cost of $500,000 comes from the adequate facilities tax which has $1.5-million dollars in it and is used to fund things connected to new growth.
“We’re trying to be very conservative,” said Nuber. If the commission decides we need to provide more efficiency and space on the front end, we’re glade to serve them.”
Commissioner and Sheriff’s detective Andy Jackson discussed the need for turning cubical for detectives into offices where more privacy could occur for interviewing people involved in criminal cases.
Sheriffs chief Deputy Nathan Johns said the new facility was designed to meet the needs of the criminal investigations and narcotics investigation divisions. He said it was designed for their needs and to be economically feasible.
Commissioners were concerned that the building might need to be expanded to accommodate the needs of the detectives division.

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