Metro Government Debate

A vote on Metro or Consolidated Government for Columbia and Maury County will be on the March 6th Ballot. This week the 3 local cities are deciding whether to formally oppose the idea.
Spring Hill has been an opponent and Mayor Michael Dinwiddee and others are asking the 3 cities, Columbia, and Mt.Pleasant to join with Spring Hill in opposition.
The Spring Hill Mayor was in Columbia and Mt.Pleasant to ask them to officially oppose consolidated, Metro Government.
Mayor Dinwiddee said it’s important to get those oppose to it, out to vote in March.
Spring Hill’s opposition is because if metro passes and no provisions are made, Spring Hill would not be able to annex areas adjacent to the current city limits, even though they would be in their growth area
Maury County Mayor Jim Bailey has been quiet over support or opposition while the Metro Charter was written but now that its finished, he said even though it’s a good document, there are problems with the charter. Mayor Bailey said he does not favor metro government.
The Columbia city council has put on their agenda a resolution opposing Metro Government at its Thursday night regular meeting.

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