People Helping People

Three of Maury County’s community banks announced Friday they are joining forces to support People Helping People Together..Its a community organization that’s transformed East Columbia and helped needy and elderly families repair and renovate their homes and reduce crime in its wake.
First Farmers and Merchants Bank Heritage Bank, and Community First Bank committed to donate $5,500 to support the People Helping People’s work. The gift will be tripled by The Tennessee Housing Development Agency’s Housing Trust Fund.
The announcement was at a First Farmers luncheon where People Helping People Together President Jan Wright updated attendees about the groups recent activites, including celebrating their 25th rehabbed home.
Columbia Police Captain Michelle Jones reported that since 2008, when People Helping People rehabbed its first home in that neighborhood, the number of incidents, including aggravated residential burglaries, non residential burglaries, and drug incidents, have declined by 47%.
The organization was launched in 2008 as a ministry of Maury Hills Church. Today 15 churches, two civic groups, 7 businesses and 4 local and state government entities are involved.

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