New Sheriff’s Department Criminal and Vice Building

The Maury County Commission’s Building Committee were presented with cost estimates for a new Criminal Investigations and Vice building, Wednesday that were much higher than many had projected.
County project architect George Nuber estimated  the cost at $681,000 for the pre-engineered building…. Originally the project was thought to run around $500,000.
“We need the building to do our job,” said Commissioner and Sheriff Department Detective Andy Jackson. Jackson said there are investigations and interviews going on that need the kind of secure office space the building has.
Commissioner June Beckum made a motion to get the budget committee to allocate additional funds so Nuber could design the architectural drawings and put them out for bid. Beckum’s motion then sent the proposal to the budget committee and the full commission to go out for bid. “We need to get bids to see if we can move forward,” she said.
The costs were too high for many commissioners. “It seems crazy for a pre-engineered building to cost this much,” said commissioner Davis Burkhalter.
Commissioner William Roddy said he supported the office but said the cost may be too high given the many other important projects the county needs to undertake.

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