Maury County School Rezoning

The Maury County School Board is continuing to hold meetings on a new rezoning plan for students and they got input during a public meeting Thursday at Spring Hill Middle School.
The next public meeting on the proposed rezoning plan will be held February 23rd at 5 pm and the public is invited. School director Eddie Hickman said the rezoning has to be done to solve overcrowding.
“Whittorne has become overcrowded,” said Hickman. “Brown School has become overcrowded with the apartments and growth in that area,” he said.
The rezoning plan that’s been drawn up is available to the public for review. Whitthorne Middle school will see 159 students moved to E.A.Cox. Students will also be transferred from Brown to Highland, and Howell. Others would be moved from Riverside elementary to McDowell Elementary school.
The plans affect more than 200 students. The rezoning plan will be made public and the maps will be on display.
School board chairman Shaw Daniels said they have drawings that show where the zones will be changed and moved.
“Whitthorne is at capacity,” he said. “Cox has capacity available. We need to move students out of Whitthorne over to Cox toaddress that concern.”
Daniels said one or two elementary schools are busting at the seams and some of the other schools have space available.
“Come to the meeting that night (Feb.23rd), hear what’s being discussed and why. They can then share their thoughts with us,” said Daniels.

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