Early Voting Gets Underway

March elections begin with early voting Wednesday Feb 15th for the upcoming Metro referendum and Presidential Preference Primary.
“Early voting will begin February 15 and run thru February 28,” said Election Coordinator Todd Baxter. “We’re trying something a little different, we are going to have a site open in the Spring Hill area February 25 to February 28,” said Baxter.
“Its an effort to make things a little more convenient for our citizens of Maury County,” he said.
The election office is open for early voting 8 am to 4 pm Mon-Fri and also 8am to 12 Noon Saturdays.
The debate is heating up over consolidating Columbia and Maury County’s two governments into one in recent weeks. There will be two elections going on to decide the Metro issue. Voters in both Columbia and Maury County each have to vote yes, to decide the Metro issue. If one of the two votes against Metro or consolidation, the referendum fails. Spring Hill residents and Mt.Pleasant residents will vote and will be considered part of the Maury County voting pool.
A photo ID is required this election.
“I remind everybody, that beginning with this election, everyone is required to show a photo identification that has been issued by the state or federal government,” Baxter said. “Drivers license, a passport, a handgun carry permit, a veterans card, anything that has been issued by the state or federal government will work.”
Expired acceptable ID’s with a photo will also be accepted.

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