Maury County Commission Budget Committee Meets

The Maury County Commissions Budget committee Tuesday selected Commissioner Tom Primm as chairman of the committee. The committee is key in setting the county budget.
A decision on going forward with planning for a new Sheriff’ Department Criminal Investigations department building was sent to the full commission. The commission is being asked to fund the $18,345 for architectural drawings to put the project out for bid.

 The $681,000 price was projected originally at less than $500,000. The budget committee agreed to let architect George Nuber finish construction drawings to put it out for bid if the full commission approves it later this month.

Commissioner Scott Cepicky asked if there was a way to scale back the project to cut the cost, prior to bidding.
“We have a lot of commissioners that have some serious questions about this building, the size of this and cost,” said Cepicky.
Commissioner Davis Burkhaulter said he could see the need but the $681,000 projected cost was a lot of money and people he represents are having a hard time with it.
Commissioner Jerry Dickey said they could end up spending over a million dollars for a little building and he couldn’t support it.
“They need the room but I can’t sit here and support that type building” said Dickey. “By the time you furnish it, we’re going to spend over a million dollars, and I’m not going to support it,” said Dickey.
Commissioner Andy Jackson, who is also the Lieutenant in charge of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation division, has said a bigger facility is necessary to do the job. “I never dreamed (the costs) it would have been that high,” said Jackson.
Commissioner Kim Willis asked that it be put out for bids so they can find out what the cost will be.
In other action the commissions budget committee sent a request from the school board to the full commission over $600,000. Funding for text books would come from the schools fund balance account.

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