Maury County Election Results

Maury County and Columbia city voters Tuesday rejected the idea of consolidated or metropolitan government for the city and county governments.

The vote failed in both Columbia and Maury County. The final vote was in Maury County, 7,122 against and 1,389 for. In Columbia, the vote was 3,311 against and 1,571 for consolidation.

Spring Hill Mayor Michael Dinwiddie had campaigned against the metro government idea. “I’m not disappointed. It’s a pretty good feeling that the people in Maury County stepped up and recognized a bad situation in the way it was presented.” said the Spring Hill Mayor. “They did their duty and voted. That’s always a good thing.”

Maury County voters also made their feelings known in the Presidential Preference Primary, joining with the state trend, in supporting Republican Rick Santorum. Santorum got 4,152 votes or 39.9%, Mitt Romney, 2,545 votes, 24.4%, Newt Gingrich 2,429, 23% and Ron Paul 1,042 votes, 10%.
President Barack Obama received 1,801 votes.

Overall 13,689 people voted in Tuesday’s election.
“There was a 30% turnout, which is normally what we do in a Presidential Primary,”said election coordinator Todd Baxter. “In 2008, we had a 33%. I would have thought we would have had a few more people with the metro referendum.”

Now election officials will turn to getting out notification for voters of the new district lines in Maury County. Redistricting recently means some people will change voting districts.
“We have another election in August,” said Baxter. “A lot of peoples voting districts will change,” he said. “When people get their cards, they need to be sure to look the cards over. We will be sending out new cards to every registered voter in the next couple of months.”

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