School Rezoning Approved

The Maury County School Board Thursday approved a proposed rezoning plan that will affect Whitthorne, Brown and Riverside where overcrowding is a problem. 

The school board proposed the rezoning and had given parents and participating parties time to review the plans.

A proposal was presented to the school board by two community members that recognized the problems the schools face. The plan called on the school board to study opening the H.O.Porter School at College Hill for k-4 as a way to address some of the problems.  School board Chairman Shaw Daniels made a motion to approve the rezoning plans.  He also proposed a task force to study reopening the school as a community school in the College Hill area.

 Chris Poynter and Trent Ogelvie said they understood the overcrowding problems. They proposed the plan to study opening the College Hill school for the community it serves. Poynter said they hope to show the feasibility of reopening a community school there.

 Whitthorne Middle school will see 159 students moved to E.A.Cox. Students will also be transferred from Brown to Highland and Howell. Others would be moved from Riverside Elementary School to McDowell Elementary School.

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