Deadline for Maury County August Election Ballot

Maury County’s 2012 election is beginning to shape up. The deadline for candidates to enter the August General Election and Primaries is Thursday April 5th at 12 noon.

Maury County has been moved into a new state senate district. Candidates qualifying for the August Primary in the 28th State Senate district are on the republican side, Columbia Mayor Dean Dickey and Representative Joey Hensley of Hohenwald. On the democratic side of the senate race, former representative Ty Cobb is running for the new senate seat.

Local general election races have incumbent Assessor of Property Jim Dooley facing a challenge from Steve Napier.
Road Superintendent Van Boshers has seeking reelection.

Five Maury County School Board members in the even districts are up for election in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th.
The five qualifying are in the 4th district James Pennings , Edward Grocott in the 6th district, and Howard Beaver in the 8th district .

In the state house races, in the 64th district of Maury County, Incumbent Republican Sheila Butt has qualified.

There are several candidates to qualify in the new 69th state house district that includes a large part of west Maury County and a slice of Columbia that runs down west 7th street past the Maury County courthouse, along with all of Hickman County, and part of Dickson county..

On the republican side, Jon-Roy Sloan, of Charlotte, and Wayne White of Cumberland Furnace qualified. Democrat David Shepard of Dickson and independent Kenneth Buser of Lyles have also qualified.

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