Maury County Health Department Dental Services

The Maury County Health departments dental program is beginning to provide a much needed service to people with severe problems in the community.

Dentist, Dr. Andy Woodard was cited for starting a volunteer dental program that aids people in pain. Elizabeth Cook told the Maury County Commissions Health and Environment committee said Dr. Woodard has recruited a team of dentists that operate 3 Fridays a month and pull teeth for adults in pain.
Cook said they’re helping a lot with people who come in with infections, teeth that need to be pulled and it also helps with their blood sugar if they are diabetic. The health benefits of getting a decayed or infected tooth out or treated with antibiotics is tremendous,” said Cook.

The Maury County health department has a full time dentist working with them for children with dental problems who are on Tenncare and no insurance. These are the working uninsured.

Cook told the Maury County commissioners Monday they have applied for a portion of a $7-million federal grant for Tennessee that will aid 17 cites. The money would be used to develop a 3rd dental room at the health department. They get anywhere from 70 to 150 phone calls a week. Cook said they will have to be very careful how they offer the service. Now it’s on a very limited basis where we only treat people in pain.
Cook said for new their priorities are for children and pregnant women on Tenncare. She said there’s a high need for children and adults without insurance who can apply for assistance.

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