Maury County Commission

The Maury County commission took up a resolution Monday that many commissioners say addressed more accountability standards for the Chairman of the Maury County Commission.
Commission Chairman Scott Cepicky, 11th District, said a few commissioners have repeatedly made personal attacks and innuendo’s against others that amounts to mudslinging and a waste of taxpayers time.
The commission ended up voting the new rules down on a vote of 11 for, 2 not voting and 9 against.
The Commission has been split since the past election where most of the commissioners were newly elected. Commissioner Judy Vick presented the resolution.

The resolution concerned the duties of the chairman at first but was expanded to include all committee chairmen.
“I hope this is the end of it but I don’t believe it,” said Cepicky. “I think it was put forth to address me, personally, and what people are displeased with I don’t know,”he added. “I try to represent the people of the 11th district the best I can. I try to represent the commission chair the best I can.”

Commissioner Vick was one of a number of commissioners who opposed electing Cepicky as the chairman. .
“It’s clear we are a divided commission. My hope was it would add some structure and accountablility and we would pull together as a commission,” Vick said “I was hoping we would see that leadership that would say ok commission, what are we afraid of, lets don’t be divided. I’m just disappointed.”

Many commissioners opposed to the resolution. They felt commissioners took an oath of office that addressed exactly what the proposal covered.

Commissioner Don Morrow opposed a vote on the motion and decided not to support it.

“I plan to abstain for the betterment of Maury County,” said Morrow. “We don’t need a blackeye as we move forward and try to do business together.”
Commissioner Ricky Sims said he supported the measure.
“I see this resolution as a recommitment for all of us that we will redirect our focus back into one body and work together.”
Commissioner June Beckum said the measure was something taken from the government support organization C-tass.”
“All of our chairman support abiding by our rules and regulations as set forth by the legal advisor CTAS.”

Several members of the community also offered their opinions and all thought it was the wrong idea.

“County representatives are wasting our money and time on non issues. This is a nonissue,” said Donna Foster.

“This resolutions not worthy of consideration. The people of Maury County are tired of listening to petty bickering” said Doug McCain.
“The commission seemed to be on the road to transparency in our local government. We don’t want a secret club up here where you don’t want us sitting in that audience,” said Tricia Stickel.

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