Maury Regional Receives a Certificate of Need For Spring Hill Surgery Center

Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) today received unanimous approval with a vote of 11-0 from the Health Services and Development Agency for a certificate of need (CON) for an ambulatory surgery center to be located in its new Spring Hill facility.

The surgery center will complement the services already planned for the new 62,365 sq. ft. facility located near the intersection of Port Royal and Reserve that is expected to be completed by October 2012. The surgery center will be owned by MRMC and operated by Vanderbilt Operative Services. Outpatient surgical services are expected to include orthopedic, gynecological, ophthalmologic, urologic and ear, nose and throat procedures.

“We are pleased to be able to include ambulatory surgery among the services planned for our new building. Now that we have received approval, we will move forward with our plans for a multi-specialty outpatient facility for Spring Hill residents,” said CEO Robert Otwell.

Other services to be offered at the new MRMC facility include cancer services, a walk-in clinic, physical therapy, specialty clinic and physician practices. The new facility is expected to bring more physicians to the area, including specialists, with more than 28,000 sq. ft. dedicated to physician-driven services. Cancer services will also be offered in collaboration with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which obtained CON approval for radiation therapy services in Spring Hill in February 2011.

This new MRMC facility is the second constructed in Spring Hill by the medical center. In 1998, the medical center opened the first facility on Main Street, which is now home to a three-physician primary care practice and an imaging center that offers MRI, CT, digital mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometry and general X-ray services.

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