School Budget Cut by Maury County Commission Budget Committee

The Maury County commissions budget committee Tuesday voted to fund $78.7-million dollars of the proposed Maury County school Budget. The schools are asking for $80.3-million dollars.
School director Eddie Hickman said he’ll now have to meet with the school board to see what direction they plan to take. Hickman said if Maury County is going to have a quality school system they are going to have to pay for it.
The $78.7-million dollars is the amount the school projected they would have in revenue this year. It leaves them $1.6-million dollars short. Last years school budget was $76-million.
The County Commissions budget committee made the funding recommendation after school officials outlined their requests. It involved health insurance increases, a 1.75% pay increase for employees, 5 math teachers for mandatory math classes, text book funding, technology, and other needs. The schools are also having to replace a million dollars, funded under the federal stimulus funding for teachers.
Budget committee Chairman Tom Primm said the education funding will be part of the budget that’s presented to the county commission. School officials have proposed using part of their fund balance of $4.5-million dollars to fund the full budget.

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