Maury County Unemployment April

Maury County’s unemployment continued to drop as several major employers continue to grow

Maury County’s unemployment dropped to 9% this past month, down 6-tenths of a percent. A year ago unemployment was 12.3%. There are 3,210 people listed as unemployed while 32,280 are working out of a labor force of 35,480.

Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance President Brandom Gengelbach earlier this week told the county commission, 3 local companies have been hiring and contributing to the new jobs.
“TRG is at 250 employees. They will be growing to 330 employees by June 1st,” said Gengelbach. “IB Tech is at 150 employees and they will begin their official ramp up over the summer time. They’ll be at 300 employees by August.”

Columbia is also seeing a drop in unemployment as the jobless rate dropped to 9.4%, down 7-tenths percent. A year ago it was 13.2%. Spring Hill’s unemployment rate is 6.2%.
Meanwhile, neighboring Marshall County’s unemployment rate was 11.2%.
Lawrence County’s jobless rate is 10.6% and Lewis county’s is 10%.
Williamson County’s is the lowest in the state at 5.3%.

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