August 7, 2014 General Election–May 6, 2014 Republican Primary

AUGUST 7, 2014 – COUNTY GENERAL/STATE PRIMARY     Republican Primary May 6, 2014


General Election

Circuit Court Judges – Parts I, II, III, & IV

Circuit Ct Pt1  1  Jim Hamilton  (I)

2   Tom Dubois Repub primary

Circuit Ct Pt2      Robert L Holloway, Jr. (I)

Circuit Ct Pt3      Robert L Bob Jones   (I)

Circuit Ct Pt4      Stella Hargrove  (I)

District Attorney     1  Charles (Chaz) Molder (I)

Brent Cooper  Repub  primary 

Public Defender Claudia Jack

County Mayor 1  Mike Bennett    Repub   primary

2    Larry Brown  (I)

3   Gary  Carbaugh (I)

4   Scott Cepicky    Repub   primary

5  Mike Dinwiddle  (I)

Chip Matlock  (I)

7   Charlie Norman  Repub  primary

8   Kim Willis (I)


County Trustee 1   Steve Konz  (I)

2    Daniel Cooper  (I)


General Sessions Judge – Part I  George Lovell, (I)

Part I Associate Judge,  Bobby Sands  (I)

Part II  Lee Bailey (I)

Sheriff                       1        Terry Chandler   Repub primary

2        Robin Howell  (I)

3        Bucky Rowland  (I)

4        Luis Sweeney  (I)

5        Jimmy Tennyson  (I)

County Clerk           1   Joey Alan  (I)

2    Paula Lindsey  (I)

3    Robbie Matthis  (I)

4    Audrie Dowarn Poynter  (I)

5    Andy Wilhoite  (I)

Circuit Court Clerk  Sandy McClain  (I)

Register of Deeds  John Fleming  (I)


County Commissioners –

                                   District 1    1  Christopher Burgess (I)

Donna Cook   Republican Primary

John Goodloe  (I)

4   Don Morrow (I)

District 2  1  Craig Harris Republican primary

Eric Previti  (I)

Wendy Ray

District 3  1  Talvin Barner  (I)

Gary Stovall  (I)

District 4 1  Ronnie Attkisson (I)

John Clear  (I)

Michael Fulbright Repub Primary

Danny Lockridge     (I)

5 James (Jim) Swindle (I)

District 5   1  Michael Kuzawinski, Jr. (I)              

Michael Singleton (I)

Scott Sumners (I)

Timothy Thomas  (I)                                                        

District 6   1  Gerald Adkison  (I)

John Kenley (I)

Sue Stephenson  (I)

Lane Anthony Warf  (I)

District 7     1   Kenneth Lord  (I)

John Poor Repub Primary

Ricky Sims  (I)

Linda Whiteside  (I)

John Poor    Repub Primary

District 8       1  Nathan Davidson (I)

Terry Dial  (I)

Todd Hooper (I)

Terry Potts  (I)

5   Ray Jetter  Repub Primary

District  9             1  Rick Miller  (I)

2  Stewart Parker  (I)

Sonny Shackelford  Repub Primary

District 10        1   Scott Moore (I)

William Roddy  (I)

Tommy Wolaver  (I)

District 11         1  Davis Burkhalter  (I)

Gwynne Evans (I)

Tricia Stickel (I)

School Board Members –

                              District      1  Loretta Goodloe  (I)

District        3


District        7     Will Sims (I)

District        9

District        11     Tommy Dudley (I)


April 3, 12 noon Deadline Qualify School Board

Constables – Districts 1. No candidate filed

2 Steve Boshers

3 Steve Mangrum

4  Jeff Hardy

Anthony Frierson

5   Tim Holt

6   Bruce Peltier

Joey Potts

7   Darrel Thrasher

8   Marvin Cox

9   Michael King

10   1  Jeffrey Alan Galberth

Dalton Hayes

3   Howard Norman

11   1   Jackie Glenn

2   Robert Medina



Judicial Retention Questions




Tennessee House  Races

69th District-Republican   Michael Curico   Dickson

69th District-Democrat      David Shepard    Dickson

64th District-Republican    Sheila Butt     Columbia

Republican Executive

Committeewoman 28th   Angie McClanahan  Columbia



February 20 12:00 Noon – Qualifying Deadline for all County

Offices with the exception of School Board candidates


April 3 12:00 Noon – Qualifying Deadline for School Board Candidates and State Primary Candidates


July 8 Last Day to Register to Vote – August


July 18 Early Vote Begins – August


August 2 Early Vote Ends – August


August 7 ELECTION DAY – August

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